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How To Mount A TV On The Wall?

Mounting a TV on the wall is an easy way to add extra space to your living room. It also makes it easier to watch movies and shows while sitting on the couch.

Bracket Mounting

If you prefer not to drill holes into the wall, you can also use brackets to hold the TV up. These brackets come in two main styles: flush-mounted and recessed. Flush-mounted brackets are attached to the wall surface and do not protrude past the wall surface. Recessed brackets are designed to fit inside a hole cut into the wall. They are usually made of metal and are often painted white.

Hire a Professional TV Mounting Service

There are several ways to mount a TV on the wall. One method involves drilling small holes through the drywall and attaching the bracket to the back side of the TV with screws. This method is simple and quick but requires some skill and practice to avoid damaging the wall. Another option is to hire a professional TV mounting service. Martenson Services will install the bracket and attach it to the wall professionally and safely.

Flat Panel Mounting

If you choose to do it yourself, there are two main options for flat panel mounting. The first option is to use an L-shaped bracket. This type of bracket has one leg attached to the wall and another leg attached to the TV. The second option is to use a U-shaped bracket. This type has two legs attached to the wall and one leg attached to the TV, so it sits closer to the wall. Both types of brackets require a hole to be drilled into the wall.


There can be pros and cons to mounting a TV yourself that can come at a cost if you don't have experience doing it. We always recommend hiring the professionals at Martenson Services to mount your TV. To get a fast quote, start here


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